When it comes to heavy vehicle recovery no matter the time of day or where you are, there is only one group that ensures quality service and satisfaction guaranteed; GRS Towing are the heavy vehicle breakdown recovery experts you need for your emergency.

Our fleet of trucks carry all the equipment you could need to aid in your emergency situation. We carry out heavy vehicle recovery in even the most extreme situations. We will go so far as to haul your truck out of the muck even when your cab is buried in mud to the door handles. We can also save vehicles submerged in water or melted by fire damage.

Our heavy vehicle recovery service works in areas that are too low for cranes and our recovery vehicles can pull a load of up to 100 tonne in various directions using snatch blocks. All of our trucks are equipped with winches and we are ideally suited to transporting heavy loads. Once we have your vehicle out of the muck and the mire GRS Towing really goes to work.

Our vehicles are capable of transporting even the most cumbersome load interstate and beyond, and with the latest tracking technology and data management systems on the market GRS Towing is happy to offer our clients up to date information on where and when their heavy vehicle recovery will arrive.

Heavy Recovery Towing Specialists

On top of the best equipment on the market that is designed specifically for breakdown recovery and transport of heavy vehicles, GRS Towing also offers its customers the most experienced and highly trained heavy recovery towing specialists in Australia.

Our team of highly qualified tradesmen have the latest training in heavy vehicle recovery, they know how to get your job done right and on time and for the best possible price.

Best of all is GRS Towing’s commitment to our customers that we will give you the best service at the best price anytime of the day or night, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, after all, who knows when your vehicle or equipment is going to break down?. No matter when or where you need your heavy vehicle recovered, GRS Towing are on hand to meet your individual requirements.

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If you find yourself in a bog and can’t recover your heavy vehicle or machine, call the expert and friendly staff at GRS Towing now, we will have your vehicle where it needs to be in no time flat.