Tilt Tray Transport

Our tilt trays and semi trailers are available for any load that can be carried safely, we carry ropes, straps, padding and timber.

GRS Towing have a forklift available at our depot if required. We offer real 24 hr 7 day service and focus on the commercial vehicle market but support all enquiries.

GRS towing are professionals with all work carried out, our trucks have a legal payload capacities of 6/10&14 tonnes x 3.5 metres high with useable deck space vary between 7.5 & 9.5 metres long on the 5 trucks.

These tray trucks have been custom built to suit our exact work and carry RMS permits for 4.6 high travel.

The low deck height trays we operate have a much better loading angle for cars trucks and buses than heavier machinery carriers, we welcome all enquiries for general freight, machinery, 20ft containers, cars and small to medium trucks or buses. The business model of GRS TOWING in Sydney is such that we can offer very fast and reliable service to clients as the support of our trailer fleet can be called in if needed maintaining day in day out reliability helping everyone keep their wheels turning.

Grs towing have regular local fixed pricing economical standby rates for the additional time where relevant.

Payments can be made by cash, card or corporate accounts by direct deposit.

GRS TOWING are the supplier you need if you want a friendly can do attitude, modern vehicles and IT solutions, support of vehicle tracking, competency assessed & tow truck authority accredited staff, or dealings with a family company created from a life long passion to succeed.