Prime Mover & Trailer Services:

GRS TOWING operate custom Australian built open trailers of various designs with the latest safety and operational features suitable for mixed loads to 20ton payload or single large loads like trucks, buses, machinery, sheds, handling equipment, containers and mobile plant to 40ton payload.

Winch loaded breakdown assistance or wreck haulage are favourites of GRS TOWING since establishment in sydney back 1979 as Greystanes recovery services.

Like Sydney we have grown over the years and now GRS offer interstate logistics for our customers freight, Deals are confirmed daily as our team match our customers budgets and time frames finding fast and competitively priced solutions to relocate just about anything throughout the eastern Australian states.

Trailer Summary

3 meter deck space semi trailer carrying loads of 19ton x 3.3meters high x 3 meters wide, this winch trailer is ideal for containers, sheds, tight access, off road work and mixed loads. the deck doesn’t widen or extend though this trailer has a hydraulic tip hoist and retractable axle set. Maximum length with legal overhang is 14.2 meters.

Tri axle step deck tilt slide trailer, with 10.5 meter lower deck that is fitted with 2 x wireless control winches in the front of the deck, this lower deck raises and extends to become the loading ramp, once loaded the operator can choose to mate the lower deck into the top deck or the trailer step and secure for transport, the lower deck height is 980mm and capable of payloads 12. meters in length x 3.5 meters wide x 4.0 meters high. The top deck is 3.8 meters long x 2.5 meters wide, the max MIXED payload capacity for this trailer is 18 ton. The max SINGLE LARGE LOAD weight is 23 ton We carry some oversize loads on this trailer however the deck does not widen. We can carry 1 x 20 ft container on the lower deck and often relocate bulk mixed loads. Excavators weighing less than 18ton with all attachments are suitable, we do not load track machinery in this trailer where the outside of the tracks are wider than 2.6 meters. Compliant Oversize travel Permits a 12 meter load to be carried on the bottom deck as long as the distance between the centre of the tri axle group and the rear of the load is under 5.5 meters. We have various nationally permitted trucks and GRS TOWING offers anyone to take advantage of our regular long distance runs, matching customers we can happily quote any open trailer transport Australia wide.

39 ton rms legal custom built hydraulic neck quad axle drop well low loader, with low angle lock down flat bi fold ramps.and remote controlled winch. This trailer handles various loads including drive on, winch on or crane loaded types. Mostly trucks, buses or machinery up to 12.3 meters long with the ramps vertical or loads 14.5 meters long with the ramps easily locked down horizontal. “We are good for 3.5 meters wide on the deck, 4.2m high. When mated to 4 axle prime mover 39ton or 33 ton when mated to a standard 6×4 prime mover”. The lower deck well and tyre well between axle 2&3 were built to safely transport high vehicles. Transport height from the ground is 800mm and 980mm respectively though can be operated as low as 730mm near the gooseneck. This trailer has a uniquely large payload for a trailer with the benefits of steep tipping angle to unload non running vehicles, and low load angle, exactly the same 5 degrees as the custom built GRS TOWING super tilts. Don’t forget this one deck widens so GRS TOWING can haul just about anything dead or alive.

Quad axle 32ton payload open gooseneck deck widening extendable chassis tilt slide trailer, with 2.0 meters of extendable chassis (extending from the gooseneck) this trailer is short closed yet opens up for large loads like buses , sheds, buildings and semi trailers. This trailer has two self tracking axles also, both great features for the ultimate manoeuvrability. The lower deck is 10.5 meters, this trailer can carry a 14.5 meter route bus or luxury coach, fitted with 2 x wireless control lower deck winches this custom built trailer is a great for heavy vehicle recovery. In summary the indivisible load (one item) payload capacity is 14.5 meters long x 3.5 meters wide x 4.0 meters high x 32ton x however the mixed load capacity is 14ton x 10.5meters of deck space with ability to overhang the open gooseneck by hydraulically setting the lower deck on an angle if needed.

Two car trailer 5meter upper and 7 meter lower deck total 5.5ton capacity suits two regular cars or other mixed loads.

Can be hauled as seen behind a 6.5t / 7.3m capacity tilt tray deck or a 13.5t/8.6m capacity tilt tray truck.


Tandem axle container spec trailer with independent alloy low angle ramps, this trailer can carry loads 4.15 high x 7.3long with GRS PM1 ( 5M PERMIT), when mated to TILT 4 it can carry 3.7high (4.6 permit) x 6.5 long.
Great for easy winch loading forklifts sheds containers mixed loads.