Accidents & Offroads

Accident Management

Being in an accident can be a traumatic experience, with our heavy recovery operators we can recover your vehicle using the latest techniques and equipment available to prevent further damage.

Our aim is for the safest recovery of the vehicle to be towed. We take great care to minimize the loss of freight and infrastructure disturbance. We can oversee the recovery of the load and clean up of the accident scene ensuring that the costs are fair to you and your insurance company. Our services are coordinated and executed by experienced staff, trained by world recognised instructors in controlled environments so we arrive with the experience that some others leave with.

Images are frequently updated in the field to our cloud based management software, along with vehicle tracking real time updates are just a call away when choosing GRS TOWING.

We can contact your employer, receivers, suppliers or loved ones on your behalf. We also offer the safe transportation of the driver back to their base, accommodation or home if required.

Once the recovery plan is created a full range of clean up equipment and personnel will be available to respond as fast as needed or possible.

Company equipment including not limited to material handling equipment, NSW tow truck licensed tilt trays trucks, recovery winch trailers of many designs, prime movers and heavy duty winch trucks, extendable boom tow trucks, safe air landing “catch” bags system and the huge 31ton rotating 5 winch “HULK” purpose built unit. The HULK unit has an American body mounted to an Australian chassis, world wide its the most popular heavy recovery rotator model ever built, Manufactured by the worlds largest, Miller industries. Grs towing has staff trained by the manufacturer as well having relevant experience of no less than 20 years each person.

Accidents and Offroad

GRS TOWING heavy recovery truck have recovery booms that act like a static crane, these extendible cranes are fitted with dual winches to winch out bogged heavy vehicles and advantage over cranes is the strength to directionally pull a load under an easement like bridge or power services successfully unlike a conventional crane. The tow trucks dont have to lift the load every time we can pull it with the cables and lower onto air bags which is often faster,cheaper and safer than other options.

Recovery trucks can be rigged to upright or recover bogged, rolled sunken or separated equipment, GRS fequently handle loaded trucks in the most feared situations.

Any situation is covered, hundreds of meters from the safe set up point for a recovery truck, in the waterways or burnt to crisp.Grs TOWING large range of rigging, chains, sheave blocks and more will be dispatched to assist and customers needs. 26 meter compliant b double spec prime movers, tow truck registered prime movers, Dangerous goods trucks, road sweepers, crane trucks, vacuum trucks, tilt tray trucks, low loaders, tilt trailers, general trailers, rubbish bins and more in our approved suppliers list for on call duties.

GRS towing have service vehicles, labour hire and traffic controlers to support our team or yours in the field with additional resources if required.

The damaged vehicle will be taken where ever you nominate or alternatively to our holding yard until you decide which avenue you wish to take regarding the repair or disposal of the damaged vehicle. GRS have resources to simultaneously attend to multiple requests.

“We offer help when you need it most”